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Invisalign is invisible, mobile and extremely comfortable braces.

Orthodontics, a specialty of dental medicine dealing with the treatment of the dental-alveolar disharmonies, in less academic terms called “correcting of teeth”, has taken a considerable momentum in recent years, to the great joy of both orthodontists and dentists, because it is the only specialty which really can solve the dental overlapping, skeletal anomalies, occlusion problems, thus helping to increase the life of the natural teeth.


If until 18 years ago we could correct the teeth only by means of the conventional devices with brackets, now we benefit from several methods, more aesthetic and more comfortable. Thus, Invisalign was invented in 1998, in USA, being a revolutionary orthodontic device, which changed the concepts of orthodontics.

Invisalign mouth guards are made in the USA and they will be sent and mounted to the patient, in the cabinet. Invisalign is a transparent and mobile device, so it can be taken out during the meal, thus allowing a comfortable, nutrition, without restrictions, as well as during the hygiene of the teeth, which means that the patient can make his own hygiene as if he did not wear a dental device. The nutrition and hygiene without device removes all negative effects that can occur while wearing a classic dental device, such as the appearance of cavities, coloration or dental sensitivity.

Invisalign is available in Romania since 2010 and more than 1,000 patients have been treated in our country so far, and more than 4.5 million cases in the world.

dental bleachingThere are different opinions and stories about whitening. What is important to know is that the dental whitening does not “spoil the teeth” if it is done by a professional, with substances specifically intended for whitening labors.

Whitening is a cosmetic medical labor and not just a cosmetic one, therefore it is essential to be done in the dental office.

Laser whitening makes the whitening treatment safer and the period after whitening is shorter and without dental sensitivity.

The dental implant. What is the dental implant? Why choose an implant?

The dental implant has revolutionized, in the last years, the field of dental medicine, by improving the quality of the used materials, nowadays offering the possibility of a correct aesthetic and functional restoration. The dental implant is the best solution for missing teeth. It offers the possibility of recovering the mastication/chewing function, as well as functionality and aesthetics.

implant-textWhy dental implant and not other types of restoration?

The dental implant is the preferable treatment in case of missing teeth, effectively replacing the missing ones.  The dental implant is the only one that gives the patient the possibility to recover his tooth without the need to sacrifice other healthy teeth, being created precisely by the desire to keep as many teeth as possible from the oral cavity of each patient.

If 10-15 years ago the only solution when one or more teeth was/were lost was to make a bridge or a dental prosthesis, nowadays we can rehabilitate such a loss by dental implants which basically substitute the lost tooth or teeth, without the need to intervene on adjacent teeth. It is the only minimally invasive solution which gives us the opportunity to recreate the functionality of the lost teeth. The dental implants are made of titanium, a material which is biocompatible with the oral cavity tissues. The dental implants have different shapes and lengths in order to adapt to the needs of each patient. The insertion of a dental implant is done by a dentist specialized in oral surgery. The intervention is minor and is often done only with a local anesthesia. Sometimes, because some patients are more sensitive and do not want to remember anything during the intervention, they can be given an intravenous anesthesia which is done by the anesthetist, in the clinic.

In recent years, the technology has evolved in a thundering way, so nowadays placing an implant lasts between 10-30 minutes. Likewise, the technological evolution and the use of biocompatible materials have made the integration time of an implant to be lower and the failure rate of an implant is below 5%.

The dental implant is inserted where there is no tooth and it is the substitute for the dental root, and a ceramic crown will be applied on the implant. The implant will be inserted after the tooth has been extracted or in the same session with the extraction, as appropriate.

The ceramic dental crowns are mounted on the dental implants by a special procedure, adapted to each case.

profilaxie-textPrevention is the first step for a better tooth. That is why it is very important to learn what prophylaxis in dentistry means. Oral hygiene is the basis of the oral care, so it is essential to learn how to brush our teeth and the auxiliary dental care methods to keep our teeth healthy. Professional hygiene is based on what we need to do every 6 months in the dental office: removal of tartar, professional cleaning/brushing and airflow.

A Hollywood smile with white teeth, perfectly aligned, with the ideal shape, can only be achieved with the help of dental veneers.

The dental veneers are fabricated of Emax integral ceramics which covers only the front of the tooth, without needing to polish it, being therefore a minimally invasive technique.

We may apply no-prep dental veneers, without the preparation of the tooth, as well as prep dental veneers, which require a minimum preparation of the tooth in order to realize the adhesion. Only after a short visit, the dentist may decide the ideal option for each patient, depending on the position, length and color of the teeth.

Dental veneers do not destroy the tooth and do not endanger its resistance or vitality, if they are done by a dentist with experience in aesthetic dental medicine.


The dental veneers are an aesthetic medical solution, but observing the functionality of the oral cavity. In order to prepare the veneers, we first make a simulation, a “smile design” and then we decide their shape and color, together with the patient. The preparation of the tooth for the dental facets is minimally invasive, so that the tooth will not be affected in any way. After applying the veneers, there may be a slight sensibility due to cementing methods, it differs in intensity from patient to patient, is normal and transitory. The dental veneers do not require a special care, but normal dental cleaning and coming to a professional control and hygiene once every 6 months are mandatory. The dental veneers can also be made of composite, in the dental office but choosing this option may not guarantee good color stability and the perfect, beautiful shape as the ones made out of ceramics in the laboratory. That is the reason why we recommend Emax dental veneers, which are made of ceramics, being performed in the dental technique laboratory by technicians specialized in dental aesthetics, using computers and Cad-Cam machines for creating more natural shapes and colors. Emax veneers are recommended when we want an ideal smile.

Because we live in an age of speed, where time has become so precious, all equipment and innovative technology help us to achieve the dental veneers in a shorter time, without multiple visits to the dentist, so we can get Hollywood smile for our patients in just 3 visits.

In order to have healthy teeth and to maintain them in good shape for a long time, it is essential to be aligned and positioned as accurately as possible.

Orthodontics is the specialty which helps us to have straight, beautiful and healthy teeth by means of classical and modern, fixed or mobile braces.

The evolution of Orthodontics, using digital technology and equipment, allows us today to achieve individualized orthodontic treatments, with minimal movement of the teeth and results in a short time.