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Price List

Consultation of general dentistry50 RON
Consultation and treatment plan150 RON
Consultation of a specialist doctor100 RON
Wax-up and Mock-up/tooth65 RON
Micerium Inlay – Onlay 700 RON
Ceramic Inlay- Onlay 1100 RON
Metal-ceramic crown650 RON
Zirconium crown1250 RON
Emax full ceramic crown320 €
Emax veneers320 €
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant1150 RON
Zirconium crown on the implant1600 RON
Over-prosthesis on implants1000-2000 €
Temporary crown in the lab100 RON
Bruxism mouth guard250 RON
Periodontal abscess drainage 60 RON
Tartar removal and subgingival curettage350 RON/maxillary/mandibular quadrants
Application of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory paste 100 RON/arch
Periodontal treatment into the open1000 RON/maxillary/mandibular quadrants
Regenerative periodontal surgery1500-3000 RON
Aesthetic periodontal surgeryindividualized price
Emdogain treatment500-1200 RON
Immobilization of periodontal teeth200-900 RON
Invisalign orthodontic treatment1800-4000 €
Incognito orthodontic treatment2500-6000 €
Damon orthodontic treatment/arch 4500 RON
Orthodontic treatment with metal bracelets/arch 2500 RON
Orthodontic treatment with sapphire bracelets/arch3500 RON
Orthodontic treatment with partial bracelets/arch1800 RON
Clear Aligner orthodontic treatment375-1900 €
Orthodontic treatment with mobile device/arch850 RON
Disconnector 1200 RON
Activator1200 RON
Herbst System600 €
Orthodontic mini implant350 RON
Check of mobile device50 RON
Check of fixed device100 RON
Orthodontic contention (retainer, mouth guard)400 RON
Sedation anesthesia – anesthetist specialist 1350 RON
Dental implant ARDs (Isr)400 €
BREDENT dental implant (Germany)550 €
MegaGen dental implant (KOREA)470 €
Sinus lifting4000 RON
Dental extraction200 RON
Extraction of erupted wisdom tooth 300 RON
Extraction of included tooth (wisdom tooth, canine, premolar etc.)400-600 RON
Uncovering of included tooth400 RON
Adjustment of the ridge350 RON
Apical resection400 RON
Cystectomy 550 RON
Frenectomy 200 RON
Gingivectomy 150 RON/tooth
Coronary obturation of photopolymerizable composite
1st degree130 RON
2nd degree170 RON
3rd degree 200 RON
Provisional obturation 50 RON
Ultrasonic tartar removal and professional cleaning/brushing180 RON
Ultrasonic tartar removal, professional cleaning/brushing and airflow210 RON
Laser teeth whitening1000 RON
Home teeth whitening (includes the complete whitening kit and the mouth guards)650 RON
Whitening mouth guard150 RON
Fluoridation 150 RON
Desensitization treatment/session50 RON
Desensitization treatment after teeth whitening150 RON
Monoradicular endodontic treatment 520 RON
Pluriradicular endodontic treatment650 RON
Monoradicular endodontic retreatment550 RON
Pluriradicular endodontic retreatment700 RON
Vital extirpation and root canal obturation250-500 RON
Obturation with calcium hydroxide100 RON
Closure of perforation with MTA150 RON
Provisional obturation50 RON
Fiberglass post/pivot220 RON
Ablation with coronary-radicular-monoradicular device170 RON
Ablation with coronary-radicular-pluriradicular device220 RON
Ablation with dentatus coronary-radicular device 170 RON